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Through my work with Jewel, I'm initiating a progressive conversation in the mining industry to eliminate resource wastage. I wonder sometimes if we hadn’t met, where I would be now. Would my message be spreading globally?  Would I have been published industry-wide and called a local celebrity? Would I have the influence in my work as a respected and award winning leader as I do now?  Would top leaders have adopted a language closer to mine in service of moving this industry forward into the new paradigm? Would I be living into this legacy in real time? All these things were achievable. I just couldn’t see them until Jewel helped me move toward this big vision.

She is an extraordinary coach and mentor.  While working with her, I realized which aspects of myself were holding the full expression of my voice, my gifts and my inner leader back. My mind, body, and spirit are more connected now than ever.  I would recommend Jewel Veitch to anyone looking to create important change within industry.

Mary-Anne Hildebrandt, Geoscientist, President of PGO

I’ve lived my whole life leading up to this moment of working with you and going through this transition to step fully into my big legacy vision and mission. I can’t thank you enough for such a life-altering, spiritually awakening container. Every single session is potent and moves the needle forward. So much clicks for me.

I've secured my next level RIGHT premium clients that I love, my close relationships have healed and changed significantly, next steps for strategic planning are in motion toward my big vision for a healing and rehabilitation sanctuary for retired thoroughbred horses , and I now feel zero stress about time anymore! I couldn’t wrap my head around collapsing time until I started to live it for real. I can’t even begin to describe all the ways in which working with you has changed my life on a cellular, physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional level. My assistant who keeps me organized said to me today “I LOVE THE NEW YOU, what a difference”!

Heather Kourklas, Senior Business Accountant, Co-founder of New Life Centre for Thoroughbreds

My innovation arm is booked out, my products are sold out and I’m watching the magic happen by not doing anything other than following the path of trust that I've cultivated through my work with Jewel. I wake up at peace each day now and I've had so much abundance, money, resources, and magical connections come into my field, it's incredible! I'm in a new place where I'm creating and innovating beyond what I ever thought was possible! This next level creation and leadership has been built on the inner core foundation laid out by master bricklayer Jewel, and our co-creation. Thank you!

Don Acker, Founder and Creator - Turn 10 Garage

I have moved from working in family law to co-founding a Family Mediation Centre and initiating a bigger conversation about improving the legal system across the board. I’ve discovered and cultivated my own healing gifts through my work with Jewel, which I now bring to support families to find harmonious resolution. Working with her has helped me remember my truth about my spiritual gifts and purpose here on the planet, how I can merge them with my field of expertise, and why and how I’m here to serve. I can’t ignore it.

Carrie Campbell, Family Mediator, Lawyer

During my time working with Jewel I purchased our dream house, created new revenue streams, activated my life’s purpose and have been collaborating on opening a Holistic Healing Centre. I broke generational cycles, cleared unhealthy family dynamics, found my inner voice, set and enforced boundaries in support of it all!

I literally shifted into a truly transformational state of being, where major abundance has been revealed in countless ways.

Jewel’s ability to channel pure potential on behalf of her clients is just one of her many extraordinary gifts!

Katrina Andrews, Child Life Specialist, Emotional Cellular Release Journey Practitioner

My work with Jewel has translated to greater creativity and innovation in service of my big mission to bring a voice of leadership and holistic solutions within the field of mental health.

As a result of working with Jewel, I developed deeper, more meaningful relationships with myself and others, clarified my vision for change, and discovered the kind of legacy I am here to leave behind. I am staying on course and can now fully trust myself to take forward steps.

The timing of our work was a blessing and allowed for transformative change and powerful post-traumatic growth to set a big vision in forward motion.

J. Fraske, Senior Banking Executive

Jewel’s support in bringing together the elements of my deeper ‘WHY’ and expanding my traditional Psychotherapy practice into the world of online therapeutic coaching, was invaluable. Her guidance helped me to discover the true power of my healing gifts, take ownership of my brand as Heart Medicine Woman, and bring it to my work. I have been able to blend all aspects of my varied training, intuitive gifts, and knowledge into a beautiful place of congruence. My time with Jewel as a coach, guide, and mentor has led me to a new level of fulfillment. I am in awe and excited for what the future holds. I’m forever grateful!

Margo Lee Burton, Transformational Therapist, Coach

Jewel is quick to get a pulse on my evolving vision and purpose and always stretches me to my next level.

As a result of our work together, I'm serving my clients in a much more powerful way, and finding crystal clarity on the next phase of my legacy work. As a leadership coach myself, I value Jewel's mentorship as it leads me to recentre emotionally and spiritually, so that I can effectively navigate both personally and professionally.

Jewel has taught me to take action from the heart level, rewire my system, and handle adversity by tuning in to my power! I’ve seen my relationships in my personal life and business change dramatically.

This work is like the difference between a medical doctor and a homeopath, where rather than applying a bandaid or prescription, she works with underlying energy and everything transforms from the inside out.

There’s an element of freedom in my body with this that I’ve never experienced!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jewel for your ongoing support.

Patti Hanrath, CEO - Chief Encouragement Officer at Kinergy Leadership - Patti Kay Hanrath

Jewel has helped me align with far greater clarity and confidence in the birthing of my legacy work, and why it matters to me.  

Through our work together I have built the core of my unique Immersive Learning modality in service of my big mission for future generations that will sustain beyond me. The more my soul comes alive in me, the more I'm able to evolve my work and provide deeper transformation in my clients. 

Jewel's activations are changing me, and the change is dramatic - my voice sounds completely different, my body language is different. I look different, previous triggers are no longer triggers. 

I am in awe of Jewel's process and her gifts in facilitating the fulfillment of her clients' deepest purpose to fully bring their greatest work into the world.  

Auria Willow, Autism Consultant & Multi-Dimensional Guide at Harmony Soul Coaching

Working with Jewel has empowered my personal leadership, to connect deeply to my heart's passion and fully own my gifts. As a result, I’ve fully embraced changing my career and my holistic business has flourished. 

Jewel is a true leader of light. I have no words for the calibre of her work. It takes me to a level beyond where I've been taught to exist, and has given me something I’ve never found in another mentor. I've witnessed myself truly change with my own eyes in all areas of my life, with profound wow moments of cell-deep knowing that have carried into my daily life, which is having direct impact on my relationships and the growth of my soul work.

Co-creating with Jewel in this legacy work is what the world needs and will change lives. 

There honestly hasn’t been a single day while walking this journey that I didn’t learn something profound and bring it into my body, and I look forward to continuing to work together.

                                                                                                                            Monica Gilkes, Equine Horse Healing Facilitator

Jewel opened a gateway of creativity within me. I wrote and recorded an original song, found and purchased my dream home, initiated weekly meditation circles within my company, and attracted new private clients while working with her. Jewel’s guidance allowed me to discover a deeper understanding of my unique gifts as the leader and healer that I am. It expanded me outside of my comfort zone, I put myself out there to the world, and am forever grateful for our time together! Thank you for your beautiful gifts, Jewel!

Megan Pareis, Sound Healer, Executive Assistant

Jewel is a gifted master coach, who assisted me in transitional stages just after early retirement from a long successful teaching career.

Our work together activated to my “heart frequency” and brought the clarity I needed to call forth my greatest creative work in service to others.

Through exposure to her mentorship I fine-tuned my website with an elevated confidence in my authentic voice and crafted my offerings for my creative life ahead. She awakened my power that had been slumbering, but calling for my attention. Thank you so much Jewel.

Dawn Burn, Life Empowerment Coach, Artist

We were extremely fortunate to have Jewel as part of our coaching team where she provided excellent coaching services for two important projects, “Pathways to Change” – a Lifestyle Transformation project through Halton Health Foundation, and “The Resiliency Project” – A large-scale transition project for the Oakville Hospital.

“We received rave reviews from all of the participants who were fortunate enough to receive her support. Staff members commented that it was “life-changing” and testimonials were so beautifully written and touched on every positive thing I have heard about Jewel! Thanks again for agreeing to be such an integral part of these programs.

I know your involvement had a valuable impact on all of the lives that you touched. Wish we could use you at the hospital. We would highly recommend and welcome her participation in any future programs that we provide at Halton Healthcare Oakville, Georgetown & Milton Hospitals.

Louisa Nedkov, Manager, Employee Wellness, Halton Healthcare

My deeper than deep mission has been radically revealed to me through my work with Jewel. I'd been spinning for years trying to get clarity until I worked with her, and as a result have now grown my business by leaps and bounds. I highly recommend her to anyone who has a deep mission and ready to make it happen.

Stacy Cargnelutti, Spiritual Transformational Coach

Thank you a thousand times for leading me to uncover the branding of my Voice Diva to own my genius and take my work into to next level leadership.

I have experienced such a profound deepening of my mission, and have seen the puzzle pieces fall into place. Intuitive ideas pour through, new opportunities and collaborations have arisen and the big picture of my lasting legacy has expanded. 

Thank you for guiding me to Ignite my Soul Magic! It’s a great feeling to go to sleep and be so excited to wake up excited each day! My confidence to realize my unrealized potential has skyrocketed and for that I thank you Jewel!

Solrun Bragadottir, International Opera Singer, Coach, Monteleone, Italy

Jewel took a needle and thread and helped me stitch my life experiences together, and leverage them to open new opportunities that support fulfilling my purpose in service to a healthy planet. My current project facility to support youth is coming to life! Jewel has guided me into a new place of power, confidence, and fire everywhere in my life, and I’m now watching my magic ripple in relationships, work and community. 

Working with Jewel has accelerated my growth exponentially, and has been catalyst for creating at the next level solid in my own self leadership. I’ve experienced a massive contrast to the person I’ve previously been. No words.

Joey Petitt, Health Freedom Facilitator, Custom Furniture Designer/Builder

This work feels like building and attuning to a clear energy codex. I’ve never felt more connected to the heart and soul of my purpose here on earth.

Working with Jewel has enabled me to develop my own self-healing skills and strengthened my ability to guide my clients to access and amplify their own innate power! I feel honored to receive the gift of her legacy as I continue to serve them at a much deeper level. 

My previous body pain has disappeared and anxiety is literally gone. Unlike the temporary relief that a yoga class or meditation gives, Jewel's activations are lasting. 

Learning to cellularly imprint peace, joy, and inner trust is a game-changer, and my whole life is falling into place, making sense, and I feel better than I have in years! 

Sondra Gatien, Heart Led Body Wisdom Facilitator

Since working with Jewel my body has recovered and my creative juices are flowing with so much coming through writing workshops, new books coming to life, two new publishing clients. It's wild how the money is flowing in as my whole body just lights up  with a sense of profound love I've not felt before.

Pamela Lynch, Publisher & Writing Coach

As a result of working with Jewel I have written some of my most viral content with ease, and cultivated my own inner guidance that led me to one of my most productive periods with new clients. I have become empowered and embodying the highest version of my inner calling. During our time together I experienced some profound synchronicities that led me to experience my own magic with greater flow. I hadn’t fully understood what it meant to uncover my own heart language until I came across Jewel and received guidance to hear, and fully embody the truth of my genius gifts.

Janet Brent, Book Doula

Jewel has a crystal intelligent force filled with certitude and infused commitment to her work and clients' success. Her breath and heart words are a mighty power, and when directed toward another, grounds and stabilizes. Her defined and rich understanding of human  potentiality and grace is unmatched, and anyone who is coached by her can only benefit from it.

Manya Fabiniak, Writer, Artist, Therapist, Healer, Buffalo, NY, Visions of Prismatic Light

I can literally feel my cells transforming and am steady in the storm. Old triggers are no longer affecting me and I have strength and clarity to speak my voice, sell my services, support clients more powerfully and fulfill my purpose.

This work and Jewel’s activations have changed the course of my life! Push energy has been replaced with trust in my inner rhythm, my intuition and an indescribable connection with the Divine in me. 

I’ve experienced 360 turn around and deeply grateful for my work with Jewel. 

Veronica Childs, Author, Podcast Host

Through my Mentorship experience with Jewel my core relationship has bloomed and I've traveled all over the world. I’ve created new connections, received more requests for my services and generated new tiers of income through mentorship and product sales. I'm watching my dreams take form as a completely new level of clarity about the next level of my work, my service, my business creation has emerged. 

Tayler Durie, Founder of Soul Herbs Healing

Coaching with Jewel has been instrumental to taking bold steps in my business and enhancing my life as I step into my bigger vision ahead. She has helped me tune in to my own body and heart intelligences, and capacity to confidently lead with my unique gifts. My creativity has been re-ignited and I deeply appreciate her being by my side every step of the way.  

Cristina Corban, MD, Geophysicist

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