IGNITE Your True Gifts 'Companion' Course

This is a value packed COMPANION PROGRAM to personally lead you through all of the materials in my book, TRUE GIFTS: Ignite Your Soul Magic and Monetize the Highest Expression of Your Purpose

This is for you if:

  • Your gifts are unclear and you want to KNOW them intimately so that you can start a business or grow the one you already have
  • You KNOW you have amazing gifts, but unsure about HOW to communicate them with the people you’re meant to serve, and still holding back from sharing them
  • The fear and uncertainty that prevents you from speaking your true gifts into the world CONFIDENTLY is something you haven’t been able to shift. Yet.
  • You are unsure about WHO you’re meant to serve and want to get crystal clear
  • You have a deep down yearning to contribute to the world, but you just don’t know HOW, or what path to take to do that

Inside this program you will find tools and guidance to help you:

  • Create your 8 step "DO WHAT YOU LOVE" ROADMAP
  • Custom design your optimal TRIFECTA formula for leveraging your purpose, your gifts, and what the world needs to build your plan for moving forward
  • Connect and apply your deeper purpose to create a meaningful livelihood that’s lucrative and aligned with YOU!
  • Clarify and leverage your one of a kind gifts so that you can translate them to getting paid to do what you love!
  • Develop practical action steps to bring the pieces together to start monetizing your personal assets 
  • HEAL and release mind traps that squash your desires and potential 
  • Unearth your greatest inner resources that will support you in expanding your gifts into ALL they can be
  • Develop your own unique Heart Language vocabulary - that will become your reference bible that guides you forward in integrity 
  • Define and activate your legacy to take ACTION NOW & create the momentum you need to set you on your path 

Here is what you will receive:

  • 8 actionable training videos to work through at your own pace
  • Worksheets, tools and resources to support you through each and every module
  • Two private 1:1 sessions with me to shift a ROOT belief & IGNITE your SOUL MAGIC
  • Access to a coaching conversation with Jewel through your own personal 1:1 comment & question portal

MODULES INSIDE this program include:

MODULE 1: What’s Your Why?

Take a deep dive into your WHY. Clarify WHAT you want and WHY you want it.

MODULE 2: HEAL the Confusion Cycle

Tools to uncover and release outdated thought patterns of illusion that prevent clarity and creative inspiration, and replace them with succinct powerful truths that you cannot deny.

MODULE 3: Mine Your Gifts

A personal excavation process that will facilitate your deeper exploration of your unique signature gifts beyond regular assessment tools.

MODULE 4: Access Your Internal Resources

Discover 4 hidden intelligences you didn’t realize you had. Learn to harmonize these intelligences to draw out the unseen nuances of your gifts.

MODULE 5: Find your Divine Post

Learn practices to help you connect with the larger part of yourself on a visceral level. Learn how to access this on demand while navigating change.

MODULE 6: Daily Fuel to Express Your Genius

Learn 10 ways to create momentum and set your gifts in forward motion. Develop daily practices to engage with your genius to create what you want. 

MODULE 7: Take Inspired Action

Learn 8 steps to build your personalized roadmap and stimulate forward movement on your path to creating the lucrative livelihood you desire.

MODULE 8: Activate Your Legacy NOW

Uncover distinct ways that your purpose contributes to future generations and commit to making new choices now, in the interest of what you want to leave behind.

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What Clients Say:

Julie took a needle and thread and helped me stitch my memories together that showed me how glaring my gifts are. She gave me a new set of eyes to see what has always been right in front of me. She showed me that what I thought was universal, is actually uniquely mine!  J. Petit, Artisan, Parenting Support

Before commencing working in Jewel’s program I knew conceptually that everything I need is inside me but had no real grasp about how to access that information and experience. My greatest challenge was identifying, registering and believing in my genius gifts. I now have clarity in not only what my gifts ARE, but also am now creating the business offers that match them.   T. Durie, Natural Herbs & Healing Facilitator, Soulful Entrepreneur

I was so high last night that I had a hard time falling asleep. Insights and messages kept streaming in. Puzzle pieces are falling into place on fertile ground and I can now view the whole picture! I do not feel stuck anymore and am soaring! 

The AHA moments and revelations keep rushing in! Working on my mission and my WHY reflections has been morphing throughout this whole IGNITE program! Your practical steps have led me to find 2 different healing packages I am going to offer! 

Thank you so much Jewel for helping me find clarity and  alignment with the work I’m meant to do! Thirsty for more! The journey with my new identity has begun and I intend to follow my Soul’s voice and just do it! S. Bragadottir, Professional Voice Coach

Working with you, and learning to feel and recognize components of my gifts, has been so impactful. I’ve especially loved learning about how to access my sensory intelligences I didn’t even realize I had! They hold so much information I didn’t realize I had access to! I can't ignore my truth when it keeps showing me the long forgotten parts of me that are ready to shine. I’m ready to share my true gifts with the world!  C. Campbell, Family Mediator, Lawyer

This has been transformational for me. For the first time I feel I can do all of this!! THANK YOU awesome being!!
V. Waters, Creative, Student of Personal Development 

For the first time I do not feel overwhelmed when thinking about marketing my gifts on social media. I feel free to SHARE who I AM!  S. Pinckard 

I once felt like I was grasping at my mission, and my message was diluted with too many ideas….now I have to say I’m not feeling that way at all. I’m feeling focused and so clear about both my purpose and how I can fulfill it through delivering my gifts. I’m settling into my “deep unto deep” mission that was so radically revealed to me during this program! I really am here to talk about the fire, the passion, the burning desires of inferno that rage in the pain of living an incongruent life of compromise!! I’m basking in the bliss of clarity this morning and digging into the homework again this weekend to generate more content! All because of you Jewel and this program IGNITE! FANTASTIC!  S.Cargnelutti, Success & Leadership Coach 

In the energetic aftermath of filling out my MISSION and WHY homework sheet and piecing together the elements I am at a place of clarity around my brand! I’m so relieved to know what I’m MEANT to do here, and how I’m meant to do it! I feel like a business goddess and have more confidence in listening to my higher intelligence to convey my message and be visible. So much gratitude for your motivation and leadership Jewel!  M.Lee Burton, Therapist, Relationship Coach

I didn’t realize how important it was to stay aligned with my mission and my ‘why’ but Jewel kept nudging me in that direction. It really is an eye opener that’s been having positive effect on my whole business positioning. Everything has become so much clearer and my clarified message is already magnetizing new clients!  T. Randall, Artist, Emerging Entrepreneur

Well Jewel it happened again at 3am this morning, with a shot of real clarity as I woke from a very vivid dream that showed me how I hold myself back from my own genius by hiding due to thought patterns of not being perfect enough yet to share my gifts. Very powerful stuff. THANK YOU!!  K. Colhoun, Chiropractor

I am attracting everywhere the right people, it’s mind blowing!  D. Arnold, Medical Doctor

Working with Jewel has been and elevating experience. I have grown leaps and bounds in taking her 8 week "Ignite" course and every aspect of my life has improved because of it. I know I've just scratched the surface and I'm overflowing with gratitude as she's helped me uncover my path to discovering my soul's purpose and how to authentically deliver my true gifts. I am now taking the right steps to leave my own legacy in the world. Thank you Jewel for sharing your heart connection gift with me, it's been a truly enlightening experience. M. Pareis, Reiki Energy Healer

Jewel thank you for your beautiful heart. My life and my business have so expanded since the day you crossed my path. Blessings to you.  M. Kabis-Reine

You KNOW you are here to SPEAK YOUR VISION INTO EXISTENCE by mastering the spoken & unspoken communication of your TRUE GIFTS and to IGNITE YOUR SOUL MAGIC ~  

I’m looking forward to working together to ACTIVATE your HEART & SOUL POWER and let it become the FULLEST EXPRESSION  of your GIFTS & HIGHEST POTENTIAL!

FEEL FREE TO COMMENT below with any questions you have for me and I'll be sure to answer them!

10 Modules

What's Your WHY?

In this this module you will dive into the field of deeper purpose. You will learn why your own unique soul purpose matters to you, and get clarity on your deep desires for yourself and humanity. You will understand how purpose becomes your only valid reference point for how you live, work and serve. 

HEAL The Confusion Cycle

In this module you will learn to recognize and address the limiting beliefs that prevent you from the clarity you seek. You will learn tangible tools to release the mind traps that keep you stifled and squash your desires.

You will receive your 1:1 private session with Jewel to show you how to utilize the Circular Belief Shift tool as it applies to you personally. 

Mine Your Gifts

In this module you will begin to extract to find the gold. You will discover new layers of your true gifts that you didn't know existed as well as how your assets can move you closer to your vision of a livelihood doing what you love.

Cultivate Your Best Inner Resources

In this module you will unearth your internal resources that are available to you to draw out the unseen nuances of your gifts. You will learn how to access these resources to counteract the programmed illusions and tap into higher states of clarity about your direction.

Find Your Divine Post

In this module you will learn tools to initiate and enhance your connection with the larger Divine part of you. You will learn to build a relationship and trust your higher guidance to lead the way as you navigate change.

Daily Fuel To Express Your Genius

In this module you will learn how to understand energy and how it works. You will find 10 practical tools to help connect to and fuel your genius so that you keep gaining forward momentum. 

Taking Inspired Action

In this module you will take practical action toward your vision as you solidify your true gifts and soul purpose. You will create your own personalized next step roadmap for creating your future.

Activate Your Legacy Now

In this module you will anchor into your legacy and start to live it NOW rather then waiting. You will be clear on the impact you want to mnake, be clear on what makes your life count, and build from all you have gained.

Modules for this course 10
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