You’re an established entrepreneur, founder or visionary leader, with a big vision and mission to contribute to a better world!

This is for you if ~

* You're ready to activate your ordained purpose and potential, and fully embrace the soul-led life

* You're willing to do the deep work to serve in a big way 

*You’re a creative who wants to break through your financial and leadership ceiling, and intuitively create your soul led vision in collaboration with the Divine

You’re an industry disrupter, here to bring a new wave of consciousness to the planet!

You want to:

* Dissolve all blocks to your creativity so that you can maintain consistency in your creative energy flow

* Merge your spirituality into your work for a more profound impact on the planet

Let's do it together!

Through this mentorship you will:

  • Deepen into your big mission and navigate challenges with ease and joy regardless of changing circumstances 
  • Bring your unique voice to the table to affect culture change, without second guessing yourself
  • Magnetize premium dream clients who are ready to invest in your magic
  • Leverage your experiences, skills and gifts to open new streams of income that support the legacy work you love
  • Imprint new habits that support the highest expression of your next level leadership and vision
  • Streamline your time and income in a way that’s congruent with your big mission and desired lifestyle
  • Create new opportunities to connect, speak, lead, influence, collaborate and serve at higher levels with greater, wider impact
  • Develop self-healing skills without shadow work or therapy, empowering you to take clear, aligned action
  • Experience real-time healing in your relationships, elevating them to new heights of intimacy, depth and connection
  • Integrate peak spiritual experiences into your everyday life, embodying a higher frequency of being.

Access private sessions, deep dive calls, unlimited high touch Voxer support, and a treasure chest of invaluable tools and resources.

Varying tiers of investment are available - to be discussed on a call. 

Together, we will move away from obsolete paradigms and access unseen intelligences to create beyond the limitations of the mind. You will become a clear channel for Divine wisdom, known for your unique thought leadership and contribution to the world. 

Through the Heart Language Healing Technology heart coded communication tool, you will come to embrace the paradox of being both human and Divine, as bridge between heaven and earth. 

If you're ready to unleash your divine potential and create a legacy that ripples beyond what you can see, BOOK YOUR FREE CHAT with me today (it is 100% free and zero obligation and gives us a chance to see if it is a good fit for BOTH of us).


Beyond what I ever thought, imagined or achieved, I’ve built my dream facility and am going full tilt  with it. My innovation arm is booked out, my products are sold out and I’m watching the magic happen by not doing anything other than following the path of trust. I wake up at peace each day now, and I’ve had so much abundance and money resources and magical connections come into my field it’s incredible! I’m in a new place where I’m creating and innovating beyond what I ever thought was possible! This next level creation and leadership has been built on the inner core foundation laid out by master bricklayer Jewel and our co-creation.

Don Acker, Founder, Creator, Turn 10 Garage

Jewel is an extraordinary gifted master coach. I wonder sometimes if we hadn’t met that day where I would be now. Would I have achieved those 2 awards?  Would I be leaving this legacy? Would I have been filmed and had my message spread globally?  Would I have been published industry-wide and called a local celebrity? Would I have the influence in my work as a respected leader that I do now?  Would top leaders have adopted a language closer to mine when speaking of safety and conscious care of natural resources? Would I have become president of the PGO? All these things were achievable.  I just couldn’t see them until I met Jewel.

Mary-Anne Hildebrandt, Geoscientist, Leader in Safety, Diversity & Inclusion, President of PGO

I’ve lived my whole life leading up to this moment of working with you and going through this transition to step fully into my big vision and mission. This is such a life-altering, moving, incredible, amazing, spiritually awakening container. Every single session is potent and life-altering. So much clicks for me. I can’t even begin to describe all the ways in which working with you has changed my life on a cellular, physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional level. My close relationships have healed and changed significantly; I have crystal clarity about my legacy and taking next steps in realizing my big vision for a healing and rehabilitation sanctuary for retired thoroughbred race horses; I’ve discovered my healing gifts and used my energy medicine facilitate healing in my beloved horses; I’m connected with something larger than myself beyond what I could have imagined; the RIGHT high clients paying are coming my way; I’m streamlining my accounting practice to take on selective premium clients, and creating space to build my dream for real. I feel zero stress about time anymore and now understand what collapsing time means. My assistant said to me today “I LOVE THE NEW YOU, what a difference”!

Heather Kourklas, Business Accountant, Co-founder of New Life Centre for Thoroughbreds


For over 2 decades, as a Spiritual Alchemist, Healer, and Intuitive Business Mentor, Jewel has been supporting creative visionaries, industry thought leaders, established spiritual entrepreneurs, to activate their Light and legacy in alignment with their ordained soul purpose. 

As an International Best Selling author, and creator of the Heart Language Healing Technology, she has served countless people across the world to breathe life into their vision, amplify their unique gifts, augment their impact, and become the visionary leaders they came here to be.

She has facilitated deep sustainable healing, and supported many to become a clear channel for their Soul Magic and infinite wisdom through their creative work. It is important to have a mentor that can truly see you, hear your heart song, and connect soul to soul with you.

As a portal for the Divine she engages in next level conversations on her Conversations with JEWEL podcast about accessing spiritual wisdom from within, human potentiality, heart intelligence, the new business and healing paradigms, and vision & legacy creation.

Her mission is steeped in integrity and respect for the power of Divine Love. It activates profound shifts in Heart consciousness and is rooted in unity, connection, self-leadership and earth magic, in service of a thriving humanity.

Jewel has been gifted Divine language codes as communication currency that awakens the diamond within. Her words are activating, and stimulate cellular upgrades to the human system. 

Her work is leading the world into new paradigms of healing and intuitive business creation that exists in the field of potential beyond the capabilities of the mind. 

When you work with JEWEL, you drop into a bone deep empowered state to be and do what you were born to be and do, SO THAT your legacy ripples beyond what you can see. 


I have moved from working in family law to co-founding a Family Mediation Centre and initiating a bigger conversation about improving the legal system across the board. I’ve discovered and cultivated my own healing gifts through my work with Jewel work, which I now bring to support families to find harmonious resolution. Working with her has helped me remember my truth about my spiritual gifts and purpose here on the planet, how I can merge them with my field of expertise, and why and how I’m here to serve. I can’t ignore it.

Carrie Campbell, Family Mediator, Lawyer

Jewel’s support to bring together the elements of my deeper ‘WHY’ and expand my traditional Psychotherapy practice into the world of online therapeutic coaching, was invaluable. Her guidance helped me to discover the true power of my healing gifts, take ownership of my brand as Heart Medicine Woman, and bring it to my work. I have been able to blend all aspects of my varied training, intuitive gifts and knowledge into a beautiful place of congruence. My time with Jewel as a coach, guide, and mentor has led me to a new level of fulfillment. I am in awe and excited for what the future holds. I’m forever grateful!

Margo Lee Burton, Transformational Therapist, Coach 

Coaching with Jewel has been instrumental to taking bold steps in my business and enhancing my life as I step into my bigger vision ahead. She has helped me tune in to my own body and heart intelligences, and capacity to confidently lead with my unique gifts. My creativity has been re-ignited and I deeply appreciate her being by my side every step of the way.  Cristina Corban MD, Geophysicist, Business Intuitive


Are you feeling the call?

Let's explore if this is the next step on your journey through a free, zero-obligation chat. Together, we'll uncover how we can co-create magic and magnify your impact on the planet 🌍

Feef free to reach out HERE to chat about this BESPOKE offer that is tailored specifically to YOUR soul blueprint. 

OR email me directly at  info@jewelveitch.com

You can also feel free to private message me on my social channels:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/veitch123

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jewel-veitch/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jewel.veitch/


Let's ignite your inner light and transform your life and legacy work together! 

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