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I came here to experience a deep contrast between the density of fear, and the lightness of love. To be a cycle breaker. I was born afraid and raised by a deeply conflicted, volatile cynic who was entangled in addiction, depression, and abuse patterns. Who found only wrongness in the heart of the world and humanity. From my earliest memories, fear was a constant companion, my upbringing, though challenging, did not define me. Instead, it set the stage for a profound awakening.

The loss of my sister, after a decade-long battle with illness, served as a wake-up call. It left me with a lingering sense of anxiety and worry, a constant buzz in my nervous system that I could not shake. My body responded, locking itself in a fight-or-freeze response, attempting to shield me from any further pain.

But then, a pivotal moment changed everything. My sister's words, "Get conscious, you get to live and I don’t, " ignited a fire within me. It was time to realize my soul's potential, turn the pain and fear into the greatest gifts of my life, and serve from that.

I embarked on a journey of self-healing, embracing the depths of fear, pain and love with equal fervor, while experiencing more losses that necessitated further mastery in organic alchemy. I became a spiritual warrior, fighting for the light within the darkness, feeling the divine presence in my very being.


I dove headfirst into the core of my grief, building emotional strength and learning to move energy through my body. I transformed the steel armor around my heart into a frequency of love, breaking generational cycles of victimhood and watching the ripple effects spread to those around me.

Faith, grace, and gratitude became my guiding principles, as I developed powerful practices to calm the high-alert energy in my system, eradicate anxiety at a cellular level, and end the internal war raging within me. I forged my own language of healing, absorbing high-frequency words that altered my narrative and state of being. This became my language for creating a new legacy of thriving for future generations.

My love affair with Mother Earth blossomed, learning from her undeniable truths and feeling her support in polishing my inner diamond through the elements. I harnessed the power of wind and energy, finding the sweet spot of creation in every challenge.

I trusted in Earth's magic, deepening my connection with the divine through nature, and expanding my faith in the unseen. This evolution led me to a leap of faith, leaving behind a 20-year career to step into the unknown.

Coach Jewel


Coach Jewel


As a budding entrepreneur, I faced challenges and sought magical solutions, initially conforming to mainstream paradigms and external strategies that left me unfulfilled. I compromised my energy, bypassed my intuitive gifts, and created from a limited mental plane, disconnected from my true genius.

But then, everything changed. I embraced my channeling gifts, allowing the Heart Language Healing technology I had cultivated over a lifetime to lead my business. I learned to listen within, to feel the harmonization of words before they were spoken, and to experience shifts in my body through their resonance.

This connection to heart intelligence fuelled my courage and determination to lead humanity back to heart-centered living.

I now champion those who are here to build powerful legacies and initiate culture change through a new healing template that moves them moving beyond outdated paradigms and strategies, and advocating for internal and external peace.

I support others in transforming their painful life moments into catalysts for a new story, healing the heart of Mother Earth, and creating a better future for generations to come.

This is my story, my mission, and my invitation to you. Join me on this journey of heart-centered transformation, and together, let us create a brighter, more loving world.

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