This LIVE HANDS ON, experiential retreat is for visionary leaders, creatives, soul led entrepreneurs who want to translate their deepest purpose to fostering collective change on the planet!

Are you ready to embark on a FREE 3 day transformational journey of self discovery and empowerment designed to give you CRYSTAL CLARITY about your mission, purpose and vision? 

This experience will activate an UPGRADE in your consciousness!  

You will discover and anchor IN to your purpose, to become part of future advancements for the highest good of all!

Through a fusion of workshops, activities, experiences and transformative exercises we will curate YOUR personal mission and purpose statement that resonates deeply with your inner compass, orienting you back to your true north in everything that you do.

Our holistic immersive approach ensures that your connection to your deepest purpose remains strong regardless of what life presents. 


  • Become deeply EMBODIED in your purpose and vision BEYOND CONCEPT
  • Overcome obstacles that hinder you from taking intentional next steps toward LIVING your purpose
  • Craft your own unique Purpose & Mission Statement and initiate forward momentum
  • Create a personalized roadmap for manifesting and bringing your mission to life
  • Access new found confidence to take focused & strategic action aligned with your soul purpose

You will gain deep connection to your big WHY, allowing you to navigate challenges, build resilience, and ultimately lead a fulfilling and purpose driven life, more than you ever thought possible!

This is an experiential retreat where you’ll do the work in real time, rather than consuming information or talking about it. 

You will be introduced to tools and techniques that enable you to ground your ‘WHY’ into your body, ensuring that your purpose becomes engrained fully into your being on a cellular level BEYOND the intellect. With this level of embodiment, external voices become irrelevant and you MOVE forward with ease!  

You'll experience such a bone deep knowing about your soul's purpose, that you NEVER forget!

This is going to be a profound shift in your clarity and commitment to yourself, supported by self accountability inside a beautiful community of like minds! 

Unlike traditional workshops, seminars, retreats, that often focus on intellectual  understanding, this retreat brings experiences, activities, movement, sounds of nature, activating visualizations and breath work to engage you at a bone deep level.

Building this kind of lasting relationship with your soul purpose will greatly reduce the tendency to waver between connection and disconnection, clarity and confusion. 

Are you ready to discover your true potential and create a life aligned with your soul’s purpose?

THIS IS a 3 day event that will literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Join Jewel for this life changing retreat and embark on a journey of a lifetime!

REGISTER NOW with the link below to secure your spot and take the first step to living a purpose driven life that ignites your soul!

I’m ALSO always here for you if you wish to connect personally!

Here is my personal email if you have any questions or ask for further details!

4 Modules


Please watch this welcome video and answer the questions below!

This will allow me to better serve you inside the retreat with more specifics that may relate directly to you!


Let's set the energetic tone for this experience and dive into calibrating your soul Purpose! 


Let's explore what prevents your Soul Purpose from fully coming alive, clear the path for its energy to flow, and embody its essence!


Let's bring it all together to craft your Purpose and Mission Statement!

Modules for this course 4

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