Are you ready for your Soul Magic to be ACTIVATED?

Are you ready to deepen your work in the world in service of others?

Are you ready to truly step into your soul led life and legacy work?

You are here to ILLUMINTE your LIGHT ~

HOME INSIDE MYSELF is a transformative soul calibration session that will change EVERYTHING for you!

You will learn a Soul Activation tool and process that interrupts fear patterning. 

This is much MORE than a ‘belief shift' that addresses a fraction of the WHOLE, it is a full cellular level transformation. 


  • Experience deep cellular healing 
  •  Release what holds you back from your full expression 
  • Experience a settling in your nervous system as a new way of being 
  • Shatter lifelong root patterns of illusion and replace them with undeniable truth that reverberates in your body
  • Gain clarity and awaken your connection with your truest gifts


This cellular shift will give you the self-support that you’ve looked for elsewhere. 

You will come HOME.


  • Journaling, meditating and other modalities have not created lasting change
  • You are ready to clear your energetic channel to serve at a higher level
  • You desire to move in to your next level soul leadership identity 
  • You are ready to access crystal clarity about next steps on your mission
  • You are ready to fully FREE your voice and create what you desire in your life and spiritual business
  • You are ready to finally delete anxiety and get past repeated sabotaging behaviours

This process will alter the way you experience the world and yourself IN it. 

You will begin to change IMMEDIATELY. GUARANTEED.


  • A HOME INSIDE MYSELF Masterclass transmission 
  • One private session with me
  • Soul Activation tool with instructions and visual for future use
  • 2 days of Voxer coaching support for integration after your session


I signed up for a Belief Shift Sequence session with Jewel because I noticed that my limiting beliefs were standing my way and that journaling, meditating and working with different healers and coaches did not really help me get a real change. 

With her help and guidance I was able to access dormant emotions that was trapped deep inside me for almost my whole life and after this session the energy could flow again. I FELT the soul magic she talks about! Jewel helped me to completely replace my old belief system with something much more supportive, and reconnect to my inner wisdom beyond what I've ever experienced.

It was truly a magical experience and I am so so grateful that  I met her. Since our deep work together, pieces have been falling into place, and I feel a deep trust in myself that I didn't feel before. Anna Gogoman, Intuitive Business Coach

You always deliver no matter what! I came in confused and angry about my core relationship and walked away feeling empowered by an entirely new way of perceiving myself and my life. I actually felt at home inside myself! This one session helped me grow the strength and resolve to make new decisions that support me and what I want in my life and relationships! I had no idea how deep my root belief was and how much it had impacted my life until I did this process with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reconnecting me back into my SELF! J. Petit, Artisan/Entrepreneur

Before meeting Jewel I had been coming up against blocks trying to figure out my genius and how do I get it out into the world without fear, but I kept coming back to old loops and patterns of 'I'm not creative, its been done before, Im stuck, my gifts might be rejected etc'. In our session she guided me through a process that showed me exactly what loop I was caught in and  brought me into a deeper awareness of my desired needs and how I can support myself. I felt deeply held and protected by Jewel's guidance and had a full body and sensory experience that sparked in me just how much magic and potential was available. I understood throughout the session that my genius was not something created out of thin air but a creation from my own experiences and inner knowing. Whatever I create has my version on it, my warmth, my uniqueness and in that lies my creative genius that I can express freely! Thank you Jewel for holding and guiding me back home to my inner magic. K. Wheeler, Women's Mindfulness Mentor

When I was in a dark place in my life, Jewel introduced me to this process and I've never looked back. I hadn't realize how much I had suppressed my voice, how that impacted my relationships, and how much the emotional pain that was attached had been blocking me from living my life fully. Jewel helped me to unravel what was at the root of this, and to unlock something that had been buried deep underneath.  What happened next was nothing short of miraculous. I have more energy and clarity then I've had for decades! Thank you isn't adequate for all that you've given me Jewel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. J. Hayward, Canadian Freelance Photojournalist

This single session changed everything for me. Prior to this I was hanging on to old resentments and couldn't move forward. I felt immobilized from moving forward in my life and starting my spiritual business, and found it difficult to make clear decisions about my next steps. I didn't know how to get unstuck. Jewel took me through a process that helped me reconnect with my heart and soul's voice and not only did I know what to do next, I was able to take action and DO IT! I've been using this tool for myself and can't wait to work with you again Jewel! I can't thank you enough for this work you do, there are no words! Marianne Faulkin, Independent Registered Holistic Nurse

Going through this belief shift process with Jewel was a huge blessing. It truly did feel like coming home to myself beyond words but in my body. She was very quick to get a pulse on distilling the root belief that held me in a stuck place. This tool and the way she led me through this journey of uprooting what held me back brought so much clarity on an issue I did not even know existed.  As a Coach myself, I understand the value of the process - it was priceless in helping me to realize my own magic, re-centre and focus during times of high stress. Thank you Jewel for your expertise, love and support! P. Hanrath, Leadership Success Coach

Before having this belief shift session with Jewel I was unhappy with my job and felt stuck in my life. I didn’t know what steps to take even though I knew I didn’t think I could live with the status quo for the rest of my life. I was afraid of making big changes and was settling for “good enough”, while tolerating a relationship with someone whom I would think of more as a roommate than a boyfriend.  What happened in this one session is that the fear of change dissipated to almost nothing and I opened up to taking some real and tangible steps toward them. I'm now work I absolutely love and no longer tied to an unhealthy relationship. I can feel that anything is possible for me and continuing to do this work is changing everything for me! K. Tse, Pharmacist Medical Consultant

More client love pours through every week!

If you're ready to IGNITE YOUR SOUL MAGIC to access your highest potential and create a legacy that ripples beyond what you can see, let's make MAGIC together!

Access your HOME Inside Myself exclusive session below.

You can also feel free to book your zero obligation free chat HERE with questions about how I can support you!

 Let's ignite your inner light and transform your life and legacy work together!

3 Modules


This masterclass will give you a context for what it IS to self source all that you need, and how the Cellular Belief Shift process works to support coming HOME! 

Cellular Belief Shift Resource Tools

Here is where you will find:

  • Your Cellular Belief Shift step by step instructions
  • Visual diagram of this process
  • Personal template to do this process yourself once you've completed the guided journey with Jewel
Modules for this course 3

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